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Influencer marketing

An Entertaining Evening of Networking, Knowledge, and Nachos!

Influencer Marketing Campaigns Earn $5.78 for Every Dollar Spent

- Digital Marketing Institute

JOIN US! July 14

Mid-West Family Madison - 730 Rayovac Drive

  • 4p to 6p: Networking, Cocktails, and Great Info!

Business Owners. Marketing Managers. Movers. Shakers. Head Bottle Washers. YOU!

You’ll leave with a head full of knowledge and a plan to help leverage your own social influencers. Plus, you just might make some awesome new friends!

You'll Discover

  • The right message to motivate your customers

  • The three ingredients to mix the perfect influencer campaign.

  • The right way to measure your results for a righteous ROI

Theresa Timm—Vice President of Personnel Development at Navaquest.

As an advertising pioneer, branding strategy innovator, award-winning top-billing sales professional, student of all things digital marketing, full-funnel strategist, and a Certified Digital Marketing Partner, I am ready to help you grow your bottom line!

Theresa is skilled in staffing, onboarding, training, coaching, consulting, crafting Customer Value Journeys and Customer Avatars, and Revenue Generation. She is a graduate of Wizard of Ads Academy, the Walker Management - UW Madison, and holds a BS in Music Performance from Viterbo University, La Crosse, WI

Joe Daguanno—Senior Strategist at Navaquest

Experienced media, branding, and advertising professional with a demonstrated history of working in integrated marketing and sales operations. Skilled in niche and mass marketing, brand development and strategy, coaching, leadership, and revenue generation. Joe is a strong business partner with a BA focused in Communications Arts and Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

They are real people and the live nature of my message offers sincerity and genuineness. People really embrace it.
– Paul Nachreiner, President , AMS


Space is limited and we’re capping attendance to ensure we are well-spaced.