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Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.

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"Rock River Current is the brightest star in Rockford. Hoping the future holds many more of the stories that need to be told." 

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Kevin Haas is a respected local journalist whose feature stories on local businesses have helped introduce entrepreneurs to thousands of new customers. Subjects of his stories often tell him how a customer approached them a day after the story published to say they learned about the business from the Rock River Current.

Haas has been telling Rockford's stories for more than two decades with insightful, in depth and occasionally light-hearted stories. He has the rare mix of diving deep into data to uncover murky municipal finances one day and delight with stories that track down the subjects of decade-old memes the next. Kevin was named the Rockford Chamber of Commerce's 2023 "Class Clown" for his ability to infuse humor into his work.

5 Quick Facts About Kevin Haas

  • Played professional basketball in China and in semi-pro leagues in the U.S. before working as a journalist.

  • Has performed stand-up comedy around the region for a decade, from opening for touring comedians to selling out his own shows as a headliner.

  • Has a sandwich named after him at a downtown Rockford cafe.

  • Speaks one language, which isn't impressive but it is a fact.

  • Hates listing a fifth fact about himself.

Types of Clients I Serve Best

  • Retail Shops

  • Restaurants & Cafes

  • Clothing & Apparel

Causes I Support

  • Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois

  • Shelter Care Ministries

  • Rock River Valley YMCA

My plan for YOUR success

1 Schedule an appointment to talk about your aspirations for your business

2 Help you cultivate your brand's narrative to reach your target audience

3 Start maximizing your marketing investment with a clear focus and understanding of where you are going and how to get there

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Bob Genis

Rock River Current, Facebook

"Rock River Current is the brightest star in Rockford. Hoping the future holds many more of the stories that need to be told."

Becky Pelley

Rock River Current, Instagram

"Honestly, you're the first with the most and it's not even close. Thanks for keeping local journalism alive."

Sara Dorner

Rock River Current, Facebook

"Credit to Kevin Haas for his work with this article. Local journalism is so important and I'm sure I'm not the only one seeing this guy just killing it to get these stories to people."

Martin Karl Vanags

Rock River Current, Facebook

"Kevin has revived journalism in Rockford."

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